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OnePlus TV: Review

One Plus as a brand became famous for their smartphones dating back to the launch of the OnePlus 1 back in April of 2014. It was released as a “Flagship Killer” that meant that it came with top end features but at a not-so-top-end price thus leading to the huge boost in popularity that followed. They soon adopted this pricing strategy as their signature and it has held on for the last few years and through various market changing models. Now, however, they have turned their attention to the TV market with the launch of their latest OnePlus TV. The OnePlus TV comes with the similar top end features but the price of the TV is not the usual OnePlus level of affordability, however, it is still fairly affordable especially compared to the other top brands like Samsung and LG. The OnePlus TV comes with a myriad of features that are listed below: –

  • QLED 55-inch panel with 4K resolution
  • Gamma Color Magic processor
  • Oxygen OS TV along with Android TV OS
  • 8-speaker array capable of producing 50W of audio output
  • Brand-new remote control which has a dedicated Google Assistant button.
  • Amazon Alexa integration

Along with great features like these, the OnePlus TV also has a great design that is sure to add a sleek look to your room.It has a bezel-less display, with a Kevlar finish at the back. It also has a new, unique looking stand. el. The ports are neatly hidden behind a magnetic backplate shroud and the swivel stand is called the deck. Currently only two variants have been released, the Q1 and the Q1 Pro. The only difference, though, is that the Q1 has a 4 speaker array while the Q1 Pro comes with an 8 speaker array that slides back behind the screen while the TV is on stand-by. The Q1 is priced at around Rs 69,999 and the Q1 Pro will cost you around Rs 99,999.

All things considered, the OnePlus TV is a great TV to buy especially the Q1 model. It gives superb picture quality along with a great sound to give you a grand TV viewing experience. The only odd thing is the price difference between the two models and that too over just different speaker array. This makes the Q1 Pro slightly expensive while the Q1 is perfectly priced for the features and experience it delivers.


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