Mitashi TV Price in India

Mitashi, an Indian electronic manufacturer, has gained increasing popularity in the Indian television market due to regularly upgrading to the latest technology without increasing the price too much. The sizes of these TVs range from 32 inches to about 65 inches. They come with HD ready, Full HD and UHD resolutions. Most of their TVs are smart TVs and are capable of connecting to the internet for streaming or gaming purposes. The prices vary from Rs 13,000 to about RS 35,000. So if you are looking for a great TV within a small budget, you can always consider a Mitashi TV as they will not disappoint. We have made a complete list of the best Mitashi TVs in India. The list is given below.

Top 10 Mitashi TVs Price List

S.No.Model NameDisplay Type & SizePrice
1.Mitashi MIDE040V02 Smart TV40 Inch Full HD LED Rs 25990
2.Mitashi MiDE024v24i TV24 Inch HD Ready LED Rs 9990
3.Mitashi MIDE028V12 TV28 Inch HD Ready LED Rs 14269
4.Mitashi MiDE043v05 TV43 Inch Full HD LED Rs 29990
5.Mitashi MIDE032v18 TV 32 Inch HD Ready LED Rs 11900
6.Mitashi MiDE043v20 Smart TV43 Inch Full HD LED Rs 34789
7.Mitashi MiDE039v24i TV 39 Inch HD Ready LED Rs 17990
8.Mitashi MiDE032v12 TV32 inch HD Ready LED Rs 11590
9.Mitashi MiCE032v30 Smart TV32 Inch HD Ready Curved LED Rs 22450
10.Mitashi MiCE050v34 Smart TV49 Inch 4K Ultra HD Curved LED Rs 57990

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